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I’ve noticed so far, I’ve changed a lot … for by the way it was a fearful and arrogant, cruel, a person who did not have any feeling whatsoever that’s what I thought before that cold person that did not feel any emotion in hurt others in not so close to me to know me since I met any change but I’m still doubtful not know what I will do later is what I still wonder and yet not come to me that answer both anxious but Despite all the bad things I do not want to give up for everything that weakens me no I will not if that’s what you can call a strong person but it is, I want to become stronger in order to finally obtain help and thank you for giving me this light in which he had been searching and longing too long ago.

You know I’m still waiting for you to make a decision, waiting for those words in my heart explode … but happiness. Although maybe that does not happen I’m very aware of that but as I am still waiting for stupid, just know that I love you more every day since I met that feeling only increases and increases more and more that not one day I will do that.

I just wish this feeling arrives you wherever you are~

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